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Welcome to LynnDee's Training Center!

Class Schedule

2017 Training Sessions Beginning of Week - Through End of Week

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Session 2 
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Session 7 

January 2 - February 11
February 19 - April 1
April 9 - May 20
June 4 - July 15
July 23 - September 2
September 10 - October 20
October 29 - December 9

2017 Training Schedule and Registration

Meet the Instructors & Class Descriptions

Debbie Wing has been grooming and providing training instruction for over 30 years. She had trained and instructed at the Spokane Dog Training Club from 1978-1982. She also owned a boarding, grooming, training and show kennel in Michigan. She bred Cardigan Welsh Corgis and Golden Retrievers for 25 years.  Debbie has been a Spokane County 4H Leader with the horse and dog projects since 1990.


  • Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist
  • Regisitered Pet Partner Team Member
  • AKC Canine Good Citizen & Advanced CGCG Evaluator
  • Licensed Pet Partner Team Instructor & Master Evaluator
  • Licensed Pet Partner Animal-Assisted Therapy Application 1 Instructor
  • HOPE Animal-Assisted Crisis Response Team Member
  • L.E.A.D.-Loyal Encouraging Assistance Dog Training Program Founder & Lead Instructor
  • Professional Member of Association of Professions Dog Trainers
  • Registered Member of National Dog Groomers Association of America
  • Spokane County 4H Leader in Equine & Dogs

Continuing Education:

February 2014 Conference: Service Dogs
  • ·      Diabetic Alert Dogs-Impact on the Family
  • ·      Medical alert Dogs 101-Clickin’ Canines LLC-Rita Martinez, CPDT-KA
  • ·      The Alert
  • ·      Service Dogs and the Law-Jean Haml-Service Dog Access Specialist
May 2014 Conference:Transforming Trauma-Reseach Developments and Methods for Trauma-Informed Animal-Assisted Interventions
  • ·      PTSD Among Military Personnel and Veterans-Lisa Brenner
  • ·      Evolution of Mind-Emotions-Dr. Iaak Panksepp
  • ·      Trauma Informed AAI & Self Soothing-Molly DePrekel-Psychologist
  • ·      Window of Tolerance-Daniel Siegel
  • ·      Framing Child Maltreatment: Conceptualization the Role of Animal-Assisted Interventions-Dr. Aubrey Fine
  • ·      Explainations of the Human-Animal Bond: How Can It Be Applied to AAI
  • ·      Embodiment, Measurement, and Building the Scientific Base for AAI- Cheryl Krause-Parello, Mona Pearl and Kate Trujillo
  • ·      Why the Horse: Beyond Clinical Outcomes-Rafe Haefner
August 2014- HOPE Animal-Assistd Crisis Response Workshop
October 2014 Pet Partner Evaluator Symposium

Sheryl Womble has been an instructor at the Spokane Dog Training Club since 1980 and has instructed the Puppy classes, Beginning Home Companion and Advanced Home Companion classes. Sheryl teaching Thursday classes for Beginning Obedience, Canine Good Citizen and sometimes Rally Obedience. Please welcome Sheryl and contact LynnDee's if you would like to get into her class!


  • AKC Canine Good Citizen & Advanced CGCG Evaluator
  • Registered Pet Partner Team Member
  • L.E.A.D.-Loyal Encouraging Assistance Dog Training Program Instructor
Continuing Education:
February 2014 Conference: Service Dogs
  • ·      Diabetic Alert Dogs-Impact on the Family
  • ·      Medical alert Dogs 101-Clickin’ Canines LLC-Rita Martinez, CPDT-KA
  • ·      The Alert
  • ·      Service Dogs and the Law-Jean Haml-Service Dog Access Specialist

Rally Obedience

$70 for 6 weeks

Rally obedience is a fun class for owners who want to enhance their dog's skills, or improve their dogs' ability to focus and comply in a distracting environment. It is also a great class for owners who just want to continue working with their dogs in a relaxed, enjoyable and social set-up. In Rally class you work with your dog in perfecting basic obedience commands, introducing more advanced exercises and practicing in a variable, exciting and fast-paced situation.  This is an AKC event that some people may want to compete in.

Obedience 1

$70 for 6 weeks

This class is to help your dog to have the best possible behavior at home or away. You will teach your dog their basic obedience skills and good manners. We want your dog to be a positive member of your family that you can take anywhere. We can also help prepare you for the obedience skills needed for the AKC or 4-H shows. This class is a very fast paced, progressive class.

Canine Good Citizen

$70 for 6 weeks which includes your test the 6th class session

This class graduates using the American Kennel Club's Canine Good Citizen Test.  The CGC program rewards dogs who have good manners at home and in the community.  It stresses responsible pet ownership for owners and basic good manners for dogs.  Completion of this class is necessary prior to taking the Pet Partner and Therapy Dog classes.

Annette Shannon

Annette Shannon has been involved with dog training since she adopted her first rescue dog in 1992. Annette emphasizes modern, positive training utilizing clicker and verbal markers to teach a behavior to earn positive reinforcement. Annette works with dogs and their people on a wide range of behavior issues. She would like to work with the dogs from puppy to adult but sometimes that is not always the case. She specializes in rescues or everyday problems that might arise with your dog.

Annette’s agility training philosophy focuses on fun, play, focus and working as a team with your dog to reach whatever level that you would like to accomplish. Annette taught at a local dog club before starting her own business with her husband Forrest in 2007. Annette started competing in agility with her English Cocker Spaniel and achieved Agility titles on Cooper before deciding to work with Australian Shepherds in agility. Annette enjoys the challenge of training with working Aussies. "Agility is a fun sport whether you want to just have fun with your dog or continue to excel so you can compete.”


  • Member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers APDT
  • Member of Australian Shepherd Club
  • AKC CGC Evaluator
  • Owner of Approved by Dogs LLC (2007)
  • ASCA License Agility Club (Host ASCA agility trials)

Titles earned on Current Agility Dog Laddie Boy Shannon:
Laddie got his 4th championship. He now has a ATCH IV title. Annette and Laddie competed in Finals at Nationals in 2011, 2012, and 2013. Laddie achieved first place in the Regular 1 in his class in Finals run in 2012. Laddie achieved 5th place and 7th place out of the 4 finals runs in 2013 in his class.

ASCA titles: ATCH III (Agility Trial Championship)

AKC titles: OA, OAJ, AJP, AXP, XF, and NFP 

NADAC titles: EAC, OCC, EJC, NATCH-TUNNLERS, TG-E, WV-E, HP-N plus other tiltes
Annette has other dogs with Agility titles and CGC titles.

Annette has does continuing education (seminars and camps) and has studied a wide range of trainers. Training and trainers as followed:

Behavior: Clicker training Expo’s, APDT Conference, Karen Pryor, Ken Ramirez, Nicole Wilde, Emma Parson, Pamela Dennison , Patricia Mc Connell, Nicole Wilde, Kathy Sado, Trish King, Ian Dunbar, Ali Brown, Dr. Sophia Yin DVM MS, Emily Larlham, Grisha Stewart, Claudia Fugazz, Pam Ried PHD and others.

Agility: Sandy Rogers, Stacy Winkler, Moe Strenfel, Laura Derrett, Barb Davis, Susan Perry, Amanda Nelson, Ali Roukas-Canova, Jan Pinder, Greg Derrett, Ann Croft, Rachal Sanders,

Some of her professional dog training work includes:

  • Group class and private training for behavior instruction
  • Group class and private training for dog agility for all levels
  • Behavior modification for fearful and reactive dogs
  • Clicker training instruction
  • Specialize work with rescue dogs
  • Other training includes trieball, tricks & games

Click here for registration for Annette's Classes

Pre-Agility (Obedeince for Agility)

For Puppies to Adult dogs
$70 for 6 weeks

Pre-Agility is a prerequistive for Beginning Agility Foundation unless you have permission to skip this class by the instructor. We will be training attention, moving together, stays, recalls with distractions, body awareness, working off leash, working both sides, toy motivation, working with focus and games to build drive, all to build a relationship towards focus and safe agilty. Clicker training will be introduced and shaping behaviors will be taught. Special clickers will be provided. None of these exercises put stress on your puppyç—´ growing bone plates.

Beginning Agility/Puppy Agility Foundation

$70 for 6 weeks

Foundation is critical for successful agility. Handlers will experiment with variety of maneuvers, understanding the impact of the handlers' path and the movement of the dog's performance. Handler and dog will learn together in synchronization how to work as a team. You will work on jumps, shadow handling and distance work, and introduction to other agility obstacles. Foundation teachs skills to be able to neqotiate the obsticles for the safty of the dog and handler.

Beginning Agility Handling/Obstcales I

$70 for 6 weeks

You will learn timely commands to provide consistent and smooth body cues to develop teamwork - front crosses, rear crosses, serpentines and threadles. Handler will begin working on weave poles program. Other obstacles will be introduced.

Beginning Agility Handling/Obstacles II

$70 for 6 weeks

Handler will begin learning the contacts and equipment properly with current training methods and techniques. Handler and dog will continue working the weave pole program.

Beginning Agility Handling/Obstacles III

$70 for 6 weeks

The class is to develop a strong foundation in obstacle negotiation and handling skills. Integrates various agility handling skills in small sections of courses.

Pre Novice Agility

$70 for 6 weeks

This course focuses on sequencing, walking the course and strategizing how to handle more difficult proofing challenges as well as perfecting foundation skills. Preparation for competition.

Novice Agility Competition

$70 for 6 weeks

Handling Team will be competing in Novice agility level. Handlers are presented with the concepts necessary to further the development of the dog and handler as a team. The handling team will experience anything from drills and simple courses to more complex courses. Advanced handling techniques will be introduced.

Open Competition Agility

$70 for 6 weeks

This course is designed for the dog and handler team competing in  level of competition. Emphasis is on efficient handling, course analysis, distance and advanced handling techniques.

Advanced Competition Agility

$70 for 6 weeks

This course is designed for the dog and handler team competing in  and Excellent/Elite level of competition. Emphasis is on efficient handling, course analysis, distance and advanced handling techniques.

Focus & Connecting with your Dog
(for reactive or fearful dogs)
$85 for 6 weeks
In this class you will learn the tools to help your dog relax, focus and learn to concentrate. You will see your dog's point of view when you are training something new. Get your dog to offer you the behaviors or tasks that you want them to do. You will improve your management skills to manage your dogs behavior when exposed to triggers and to encourage & reinforce good behavior with clicker training and reward-based training techniques

Beginning Obedience

$70.00 for 6 weeks

Learn basic commands, name recognition, sit, down, stay, heel with loose leash walking.

Next Step Puppy Class

$75.00 for 6 weeks

Next Step Puppy Class, you will have a dog training plan that helps you teach your dog to offer you good habits and positive behaviors your dog needs. Each dog is treated as an individual; we will customize the activities so you'll always be practicing at the right level. We will work on loose-leash walking, name recall, distance recall, anti-jump, stay, leave it and go to place on cue. You will learn to use a clicker, a reward marker. To the dog that means the reward is coming. Clickers are given to you as part of the class fee. 

The Dependable Dog Class

$70.00 6 weeks

Improving your dogs "come", leave it, and give it.

Beginning Triebball Class

$70.00  for 6 weeks

Treibball (Try-ball) is for any dog that can work off leash, this is a good outlet for energetic dogs. Unlike agility there is very little equipment needed, in agility the handler needs to run with the dog and direct him through each obstacle. Treibball uses similar teamwork and communication, but the handler does not run with the dog. This sport can build confidence, help reactive dog or overly excitable dogs with impulse control. You will learn the step it takes for your dog to push a exercise ball. You will teach your dog to got to mat at a distance to so he will go around the balls.

Anna Anderson

Anna has been involved with dog training and behavior for many years.  She works in animal welfare and volunteers her time with rescues and shelters in the Spokane area. Anna a member of the Spokane Boxer Club, she raises and shows Boxers(owning 4 herself).  Along with showing, finishing & pointing many dogs in the breed ring of conformation, she has 2 registered pet partners & has multiple dogs titled in agility & rally. Her joy is working with dogs in a fun & positive manner to build a bond between handler and canine to achieve a balanced and well-mannered canine companion. Anna is Sheryl Womble’s training assistant for Beginning Obedience, Canine Good Citizen and Rally Obedience.

Email: [email protected]

 Task Training- Tasks are commands that service dogs must be able to do when requested by their disabled owner. Examples: getting a bottle of water from the fridge, bracing for someone with mobility issues, getting help, turning on a light switch and many more. In this class the dog will be taught 1-2 tasks to assist their owner with their daily living. Everyone is to tell the instructor what 2 performable tasks they need their service dog to be able to perform for them.

S.T.A.R. Puppy Class-Training classes teach you how to best communicate with your puppy. Organized training classes also provide an opportunity for your dog to socialize with other dogs. In classes aimed at earning the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy distinction, you’ll be able to get information on all of your puppy-raising questions including housetraining, chewing, and the most effective way to teach practical skills such as coming when called. AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy training is a natural lead in to Obedience classes, then the AKC® Canine Good Citizen® Program. 
$70 for 6 classes 

This is our Agility Arena that is fully fenced and grass for Agility classes and trials

Call us at 509-838-0596 or fill out our online contact form.

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